Cleaning Cloth Inspection System

Classifly 40 for cleaning cloths

The Classifly 40 free-fall inspection system supports you by fully automating the inspection of cleaning cloths after the cleaning process.

This system is a superior replacement for traditional, time- and labor-intensive manual visual inspection. It inspects up to six cloths per second for a wide range of defects, significantly helping to increase your productivity and quality.

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Putztuch Prüfsystem

Examples of defects



Textilschaden Putztuch


Putztuch Fleck


Constantly monitor quality

Full integration 


into your business processes

The results of the analysis are sent to your systems in real time to be available for subsequent sorting or other further processing.


In addition, the analysis results can be tracked via a local status display.

Technical data

Classifly 40

Dimensions (LxWxH)

574mm x 574mm x 283mm

Object size

up to 40cm x 40cm



Recognizable properties

Holes, cracks, stains, color deviation, brightness, material type, pattern

Minimum defect size



TCP-IP,   Profinet,   Modbus

Available downloads