Our free-fall inspection systems enable the sorting and quality control of all kinds of manufactured objects.

Our "Classifly" technology

The main advantage of our technology is that objects do not have to be spread out flat for analysis. Our algorithms are optimised for high variance objects, i.e. elastic objects with surfaces that have high variances due to wrinkles, for example. 


The innovation consists of several technologies that together result in an AI that works specifically for these use cases. While various competitors rely on FPGAs, our algorithms achieve extremely low computing times even with GPUs. Thus, even objects moving at a speed of more than 1 m/s can be classified in a few milliseconds. A special architecture of neural networks and a special processing of the image data makes this possible. 


An adaptive sensor system developed by us triggers images only in relevant positions. In multidimensional and multispectral images, we also achieve the localisation and classification of defects. This makes our inspection box suitable for use in medical applications, for example.


detection of attributes at high speed

Our free-fall inspection systems were developed for fast quality control and sorting of objects. Already during the free fall, our models are able to detect e.g. material properties and defects as well as their positions in less than 200 ms.


In addition, our technology makes it possible to determine – on the fly – 3D information of the objects, i.e. their size and detected properties. As soon as the object leaves the inspection box, these results are available.

potential applications for THE FREE-FALL TESTING SYSTEM

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