The secure separation of people when accessing high-security areas is becoming increasingly important. Mantrap portals are unmanned separation gates in which only one authorised person can pass through a transit room. One advantage lies primarily in the robustness against social engineering such as tailgating or piggybacking – that is, an authorised person bringing an unauthorised person into the secured area.

What is a seperation gate?

A separation gate has two doors, one for entering and one for leaving the transit area. To physically pass through this area. If authorised persons want to enter the secured area, they enter the airlock portal and close the door. Our camera-based system then verifies that there is only one person in the transit area and that they are authorised to pass through. After successful verification, the system unlocks the door and releases access to the secure area.

What does Mantrap Provision provide?

Using a full-time security guard to monitor entrance control is costly and does not provide sufficient protection against social engineering. Our autonomous entry system technology combines near 100% detection of attempted attacks with a negligible false rejection rate. Our AI model takes into account that people deliberately try to trick the system by using certain devices. Nevertheless, goods such as parcels, luggage or backpacks can also be brought into the secured area.

What does our system consist of?

Mantrap Provision consists of a camera module with integrated lighting, a safety mat that monitors the floor and a computing unit on which the software runs autonomously.