Label Inspection System

Inspection of Textile Labels

Optimize the quality control of your label production! Whether it’s pants, shirts or other garments – after the precise cut, the correct pleat and logo position is crucial.

Our system uses advanced image processing technology to check label size, angles and logo position. A simple sample label is all it takes to teach the system. It then works seamlessly on the assembly line, detecting deviations immediately and ensuring the highest quality.


Precise size control despite deformation

A particular obstacle in the automatic control of textile label dimensions on the assembly line is the possible deformation of the labels. This is where our innovative system comes in: We use 3D cameras in conjunction with a specially developed algorithm to precisely calculate the deformation in real time. In this way, we approximate the actual dimensions of the labels and ensure maximum accuracy, even at high speeds. Alternatively, we offer the option of using 2D cameras and additional hardware to smooth the labels to achieve optimal results.

Easy integration into your processes

The integration of our system into your production process is effortless. Through the direct connection to our camera-light units, the system fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, enabling fast defect detection and monitoring. Alternatively, the standalone unit with assembly line connection offers flexible application options. Our system adapts to your needs to ensure comprehensive quality control.