Free-fall Inspection Systems

Classifly Free-Fall Inspection Systems

Our Classifly inspection systems enable fully automated categorization, sorting and quality control of a wide variety of objects in free fall.


By picking up the objects in free fall, we achieve high detection performance at high speed.

Automated textile sorting is not only cost-efficient, but also contributes to a sustainable use of resources.

How does Classifly work?

With our Classifly inspection systems, textiles do not have to be spread out flat for analysis. Instead, the textiles can be classified directly while in free fall and inspected for defects.


Objects can be analyzed within a few milliseconds even at high speeds of over 1 m/s. Our adaptive sensor technology ensures image capture in the optimal position.

If required, the Classifly box can also be equipped with UV- or IR-sensitive special cameras to detect special contaminants such as organic residues…



Sort used clothing


Your product

Integrating Classifly into your process

The feeding of the objects can be done mechanically via conveyor belts, grippers or manually by hand. Depending on the location and application, the
sorting can be done e.g. via flaps below the box or via conveyor belts.
We also offer solutions for the separation and feeding of

Classifly can be connected to the existing infrastructure via common PLC protocols (e.g. Profinet, Modbus
TCP) to the existing infrastructure. Desion will gladly
an overall concept that is tailored to your application.

Technical data

Classifly 40
Classifly 80
Classifly 180

Dimensions (LxWxH)

574mm x 574mm x 283mm

660mm x 660mm x 1000mm

1460mm x 1450mm x 1805mm

Object size

up to 40cm x 40cm

up to 80cm x 50cm

up to 180cm x 60cm



small textiles, gloves

Baby and children clothes


Recognizable properties

Holes, cracks, stains, color deviation, brightness, material type, pattern

Minimum defect size



TCP-IP,   Profinet,   Modbus

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