Glove Inspection System

Classifly inspection system for gloves

The Classifly 40 inspection system enables fully automated quality control and sorting of gloves in free fall.


Efficient quality control after cleaning is an essential factor.

Our Classifly 40 inspection system for quality control of gloves combines high reliability with high speed. Without human intervention, up to six gloves per second are analyzed and existing defects are detected. Based on this analysis, the gloves are then sorted for further processing according to individually definable criteria.

Possible defects

Handschuh mit Flecken


Handschuh mit Schaden


Beschädigter Handschuh


Technical data

Classifly 40

Dimensions (LxWxH)

574mm x 574mm x 283mm

Object size

bis zu 40cm x 40cm



Recognizable properties

Holes, cracks, stains, color deviation, brightness, material type, pattern

Minimum defect size



TCP-IP,   Profinet,   Modbus

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