Stocking Inspection System

Meticulous quality control is essential in hosiery production. Only precise monitoring can ensure the highest standards. Defective hosiery can not only affect a brand’s reputation, but also jeopardize customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty. With our DEFIS system, manufacturers can detect defects at an early stage, sort them out and ensure a flawless product range.

DESION Fabric Inspection System

Defis is a camera-based fabric inspection system. It detects visible defects in patterned and uniform fabrics using computer vision. Defis guarantees high and consistent product quality during production and optimizes process efficiency.

Socken Prüfung

Precise inspection for perfection

Known defects, which previously took up valuable production time, are now reliably detected and efficiently classified. In addition, DEFIS also stands out by detecting previously unknown deviations from the norm. Each stocking is analyzed with high-resolution cameras to ensure the highest quality.

With our extensive database of typical defects, we ensure reliable identification of known defects. But we go one step further: in a constantly evolving production landscape, unknown defects can also occur.

Direct adjustment of the model via the DEFIS interface

Comprehensive defect detection: DEFIS anomaly detection

Our model learns the normal appearance of a defect-free product. It recognizes patterns, shapes and textures that are characteristic. If a deviation occurs, the model independently suggests potential defects. These are categorized for further investigation or marked as acceptable. This ability to respond to new challenges ensures quality and precision at every stage of production.

Integration into your process

The integration of our system into your production process is effortless. Through the direct connection of our camera-light units, the system fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, enabling fast defect detection and monitoring. Alternatively, the standalone unit with assembly line connection offers flexible application possibilities.

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