Stocking Inspection System
Stocking Inspection System

Defective stockings can not only affect a brand’s reputation, but also jeopardize customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty. With our DEFIS system, manufacturers can detect defects early, sort them out and ensure a flawless product range.

Towel roll testing system
Towel roll testing system

Our towel roll inspection system supports you in quality control after the cleaning process. It reliably detects remaining impurities as well as damage such as tears or holes.

Glove Inspection System
Glove Inspection System

Efficient quality control after cleaning is an essential factor.

Our Classifly 40 inspection system for glove quality control combines high reliability with high speed.

Label Inspection System
Label Inspection System

Our system uses advanced image processing technology to verify label size, angles and logo position. A simple sample label is all it takes to teach the system. It then works seamlessly on the assembly line, detecting deviations immediately and ensuring the highest quality.

Workwear Inspection system
Workwear Inspection system

Our solution for automatic detection of textile defects makes it possible to fully automate this step. We thus offer consistent quality that meets the high standards of the market. The fully automated process control eliminates human errors and increases efficiency.

Used clothing sorting
Used clothing sorting

T3S simplifies textile sorting using computer vision and robotics for greater efficiency and savings. From textile sorters to retailers, our technology optimizes the process.

Innovative Textile Inspection Systems

We perform visual inspections of textiles in different conditions for various applications

Increase Quality and Ensure Consistency

Continuously deliver the best textiles and strengthen the trust and loyalty of your customers

We inspect textiles of all kinds

Synthetic fiber

A company’s most valuable asset is its staff.

Artificial intelligence can help unleash human potential

What kinds of textile properties can we identify?

See more through new perspectives

How many tasks can be completed how quickly and with what result? Unlock your potential for continuous optimization and improvement.

Why you should automate your textile inspection processes

Desion – Innovative Camera-based Inspection Systems

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

For the foreseeable future, no AI in the world will be able to simulate a company’s most valuable asset: the human being. AI can collect, sort and classify data, allowing human beings the time to concentrate on their creative and social skills.

Improve Product Quality

Consistently delivering the best products increases customer confidence and loyalty. Automation and visual quality inspection ensures that every single product always meets the same high standards.

Recognize and avoid errors

No matter how skilled your team members are, they are subject to human error. When processes are automated, errors at specific process stages can be eliminated, making the entire process more effective and error-free.