Workwear Inspection System

Quality control of workwear after washing plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and safety. Our solution for automatic detection of textile defects makes it possible to fully automate this step. We thus offer consistent quality that meets the high standards of the market. The fully automated process control eliminates human errors and increases efficiency.

Integrated optical quality control

Garments, after washing and finishing on individual hangers, pass through our recording station, where photos of the front and back are taken. After our software has analyzed the garment in real time, the result can be communicated directly to your control system, for example, and/or displayed on local screens for manual sorting. The results of the inspection are stored in the system – a valuable collection of data available to the customer to analyze and optimize the system, but also internal operations such as the washing process.

Possible system setup for automated quality control of workwear

These textile properties can be detected


Holes and Tears


Fiber defect


Customized hardware

NIPS is customized by us according to your specific requirements. Various equipment variants are available. Depending on your recording situation, we will put together a suitable system for you.

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