Inspection of Hanging Clothes

Inspect new and washed clothes

Increase textile production efficiency with our automated quality control solutions. Whether washed garments or new goods, NIPS detects production defects, holes, contamination, wear and tear, and more.

Using our solution, you can ensure consistently high quality for your customers.


Recognize textile attributes

See more through new perspectives

Our Classitag software automatically recognizes a diverse range of clothing attributes. From type, color and pattern to styles, Classitag recognizes features of your products just from images at high precision. Categorize your online store’s products consistently. Integration can be easily enabled via our API.

Applications for standard testing



Sort used clothing

Automatic Attribution

Constantly monitor quality

Integration into your business processes

With our software it is possible to continuously check the quality of textiles. Attributes are detected and analyzed automatically.

Different recording scenarios

On Hangers



On bust

Fashion Photography